Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Story of Prabal Gurung for Target and False Advertisment. (And a review of the collection)

Let's talk Prabal Gurung for a moment. 

Prabal Gurung is one of my favorite designers. I wrote a paper about one of his collections for a class sophomore year. That's how much I love his work. So, when his collaboration with Target was announced, I may have gotten stupidly excited. I would show you the texts I sent to MB (That's momma bear for those of you who don't follow my personal twitter) about it, but I'm too lazy and disappointed to look for them right now. 

I went to my local Target to scope out the collection. I got there a few minutes after 7:00, because
1. I live in south central michigan and no one here wears anything except UM and State sweats, so I assumed there wouldn't be much of a crowd.
2. I thought the store here was open 24 hours a day. It isn't.

I was the only one in the parking lot. I froze my ass of in my car for 45 minutes while texting MB and eating a mcgriddle (quit judging me). 

Prabal Gurung for Target

Prabal Gurung print dress / Prabal Gurung long sleeve cardigan / Prabal Gurung / Prabal Gurung printed blouse / Prabal Gurung green tank

So, needless to say, I didn't have to rush to grab 300 pieces and drag them into the fitting room with me. I grabbed two sizes in each piece that I was interested in and headed back to the fitting room to try clothes on at an I'm-too-tired-and-it's-too-early-to-be-shopping pace. I was pleased with the clothes, even though my local Target didn't have the pieces I was most interested in. The five pictured above are what came home with me. The clothes seemed to be good quality for Target pieces, but most of them did run a little (okay, some of them were a lot) big. Because, hello, I'm Aly and I'm not ashamed to admit that my boobs never fit into an XS. This has only happened once or twice before and it was at J.Crew, and we all know that they love their vanity sizing over there. 

Anyway, MB picked up some of the pieces that I wasn't able to find in BC at her local Target (because she's the best), and I ordered the black sandals online. These sandals were the one piece that I absolutely, without a doubt, would sell my eggs for wanted. So, I ordered them at 3:30 AM. Because I'm insane. They showed up at my door step a few minutes ago. I was so excited that I ran to the door and opened it (braless, in a t-shirt, hair-up in a messy bun, no make-up, wearing my glasses) in my IU sweatpants. Attractive, right? That poor UPS guy didn't know what hit him. 

So, I ran to my room to open the box, because, for Lord knows what reason, all 800 pairs of scissors that I own are strewn across my desk, dresser, and nightstands. And then, disappointment quickly robbed me of the shoe-high I was experiencing. Disappointment is a bitch.

Oh heeeyyyyy, false advertising. 

As you can see, those little straps on the shoes I received (right) clearly aren't what is pictured on Target's site (left).

Also, whatthehell, these straps are on backwards. On both shoes. If one of them was messed up I could be like, oh okay, manufacturing error. But whoever put this pair of shoes together was clearly dropped on their head one too many times as an infant. 

Plus, you see those fun little alligator-clip-like closures on the straps? They don't stay shut. Cue you falling out of your heels and onto your pretty little face if you try to strut around town in them. Also, they aren't round like in the picture, they are rectangular. They also are not silver, they are a steely, gun-metal gray. So, basically, Target flat out lied to my face. And yours, if you also bought these shoes. And I'm kind of pissed. But, I've been known to over exaggerate (See above paragraph about selling my eggs for Target shoes), especially when people lie to me. But, this is just cruel and deceptive trickery that Target is trying to get away with. And I'm not okay with it. So, Target will probably be hearing from me through every form of social media over the next few days. Because again, I like to over exaggerate and make sure that my point is heard.

Would you be pissed about this or am I just being Crazy Pants McGee over here today?

Also, if you ordered these shoes and they look just like they do on the website, want to let me know so that I can order another pair instead of just returning this one and complaining to the helpless store associate tomorrow afternoon?

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  1. Lol...I am with you on the shoes! I orders the blue but had to return them because of the closure :( not happy! Now thinking about buying the yellow because they are on sale at my local target but I don't wanna deal with the disfunctional



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