Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's the Little Things...

Cardigan: Sam's Club; Shirt: Old Navy; Skirt: Walmart; Tights: Hue; 
Earrings: Target; Bracelets: Gift; Shoes: Bamboo

I was in a horrible mood up until about an hour ago. But, thanks to a few simple things, I'm feeling bright and cheerful again. What are these simple things that could change my mood so easily? Iced coffee from McDonald's, an adorable Easter card from my aunt, and a gift card to Forever 21 that I won in a giveaway hosted by Julie over at Mint and Mellow. She is super sweet and adorable, so make sure you stop by her blog and say hello. 

Plus, it is so warm out! Warm enough that I probably didn't even need these tights. But, my legs are terrifyingly white and there was some pretty intense wind today. Short, floofy (yea, that's totally a word) skirts and 25 mph winds are a recipe for disaster. So, I figured it was in everyone's best interest that I wear tights today.

I hope all of you that celebrate Easter had a fantastic day on Sunday! I stayed home and did a whole lot of nothing. It was fantastic. I didn't even study. By the way, as of 3 hours ago, I am officially done with my textiles course. Which means I will forever be in a better mood than I was this past semester. And, in 48 hours you don't have to hear me talk about school anymore. And I might actually have more exciting things to talk about, but I'm not making any promises, so don't get your hopes up. Sorry.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Free at Last

Jacket: Steve & Barry's; Shirt: Hanes; Jeans: JC Penney; Scarf: Dior (Grandma's); 
Shoes: Target; Bracelet: Tiffany & Co; Earrings: Peebles; Sunnies: Coach

It's finally Thursday, which means two things: I'm done with classes for this semester, and it's time for another awkward and awesome post. So, here it goes...

  • How lost I got on the way to school this morning. You would think that if the ramp back onto the highway is closed, they would let you know before you got off on that exit.
  • Being late for class the for the first time this semester...on my last day of classes.
  • Being really excited about getting a cherry ICEE float from BK, then getting home and realizing they forgot to put in ice cream, so it was just a regular ICEE. The BK here is kind of horrible.
  • The fact that I have accounting homework due tomorrow even though the last class was yesterday.
  • Realizing I'm allergic to OxiClean...while using OxiClean. My hands look ridiculous.
  • How dark my hair looks in these pictures. I need to go home and get this taken care of, like right now.
  • My Mom making me try to teach her to hula hoop in the middle of Target last week.
  • Getting three pairs of shoes for $40. (That's what happens when I have to run to Target to get OxiClean)
  • Being done with classes, and only having to go to campus two days next week for exams.
  • Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Strips. I'm thinking about doing a post about them soon.
  • Haagen Daaz Zesty Lemon Sorbet.
  • The fact that you can close the top on Monster Lite energy drinks now. It makes carrying them around all day so much easier. I don't know if this is a new thing or not, but I hadn't had one in a while and I was excited when I noticed that this morning.
  • My Mom learned to hula hoop. I'm so proud. Really though, she has been trying to hula hoop for as long as I can remember, and she was never able to do it.
  • Realizing there is a Zara 15-ish minutes from my mom's house. I am making her go shopping with me next time I go visit her.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Basically Pajamas

Sweater: Sam's Club; Shirt: Target; Jeans: JC Penney; Shoes: Payless;
Earrings: Target; Necklace: Grandma's

Okay, so to start with, I apologize for being such a bad blogger lately. I have good reasons, kinda. But I'll tell you about those later.

This sweater with these jeans made me feel like I was walking around campus in pajamas like 99% of the other people I saw. Except I wasn't. I was wearing actual clothes, like people should do when they go out in public. But, I think you guys already know about my issue with sweatpants and leggings-as-pants in public, so I'm going to save that rant for another time.

So anyways, have you guys been to Sam's Club lately? No? Neither had I. But, my mom came to visit, and she said we should go, so off we went. And well, they have fantastic tops and sweaters there now. The other morning I woke up and I was all "I need a mustard colored cardigan." And then I walked into Sam's and BAM! This little guy was right there, waving it's $9 price tag in my face. So, I bought it. In my morning realization I was picturing something more like this little guy, but for $9 I figured this would hold me over until I found something else. 
My point: Sam's club is not all Speedos and mom jeans like I remembered it being.

But back to the issue of my being a bad blogger. I swear, I fully intended on posting this past week. I took pictures and everything. But, my camera had other ideas. It was doing some of this:
(Lots of blurriness)
And some of this:

I don't know what's going on. But, let me just say, I am kind of freaking out about it. So, if anyone knows what this could be, I would love it if you could let me know. 

I hope to be back to regular posting really really soon. And since this semester is over exactly one week from tomorrow, and I will have nothing else to do but sit around and blog until I go visit family in a few weeks, I don't really have any excuse for not blogging.

Hope everyone is having an amazing week!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Warmer Weather

Jacket: Steve and Barry's; Top: Ross; Jeans: JC Penney; Shoes: Target;
Earrings: Local Gift Shop; Bracelet: Vintage 

I'm loving this slightly warmer weather that we've been having this week. It may not be like the 80/90 degree weather that most of my family is enjoying in SC and South Florida. But, after a long winter, I'll take it. 
I was hoping the lighting outside would be better for these pictures, but every spot I found was either shady or way too sunny. But, I refused to take my pictures indoors when it was so warm outside, and decided that dark pictures would have to work for today. That's what I get for staying late after class and being a good student.
I don't really have anything exciting or even remotely interesting to talk about today. So I'm just going to keep this short today so that I don't ramble on about something completely boring and irrelevant, like lighting and being a good student.

However, I will leave you with a little extra cuteness for your day!

Tigger loves pictures. Whenever she sees me walking by with my camera she lays down in front of me/trips me and tries to break my ankle and won't get up until I play with her and take her picture. She's a little needy.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bright & Sunny

I didn't take any outfit pictures today. I was on campus a lot longer than I usually am on Tuesdays, so instead, I thought I would share the things that made up this past Sunday, which happened to be the warmest/sunniest day so far this year.

Sunny Day Essentials: Magazines and a towel to lay on

Some bright flowers to bring the sunshine indoors

Playing with the cutest dogs in the Midwest 
(Only because my pups back home in SC are the cutest ever)

Spencer trying to avoid the camera

The perfect shoes for lounging in the backyard

Enjoying the sunshine.
(These pictures refused to upload correctly unless I combined them into one photo. Weird, I know)

My mom left mid-day on Sunday, so after she left I immediately headed out to the backyard for 45 minutes of sunshiny greatness before I had to lock myself inside to do some serious studying. 

It dropped back down to the 50's on Monday, and it looks like it is going to stay there for a little while. But it is still bright and sunny outside. And I'll take sunny and slightly chilly over warm and rainy any day.

Hope your week has been as bright and sunny as mine!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

It's baaaack

Cardigan: Target; Top: Steve and Barry's; Belt: Levis; Jeans: JC Penney;
Shoes: Target; Earrings: Local Fair Trade Boutique; Purse: NY and Co.

Okay, seriously guys, I need to hide this cardigan from myself. I wear it like 3 times a week. I think I have a problem. But, it is starting to pill and get fuzzy. So it about to take a long retirement.

In other news, my mom was here this weekend. We had a fantastic time shopping and doing things around the house (looking through the basement/attic, hanging things/decorating in my room, etc.). I wish she could have stayed longer. It was a nice break from the sometimes overwhelming amount of school work that I have to get done in the next two weeks before finals. 

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!
I'm off to do some more studying for my accounting exam tomorrow before the weather gets bad. Because I know that if I put it off any longer, the power will end up going out and I will have missed my chance.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Awkward, Awesome, and Cardigan Free!

Top and Cami: Old Navy; Jeans: JC Penney; Shoes: Nine West; Scarf: Grandma's; 
Belt: Gift from Sister; Earrings: Local Fair Trade Shop

These shoes are the most uncomfortable things in the entire world. I've worn them two days in a row trying to convince myself otherwise, but that didn't work. When I bought them I thought they were just going to be one of those pairs of shoes that you had to wear a few times before they started to get more comfortable. Not the case considering I got these the summer before I started high school. Wow, that makes me feel old.

Anyway, awkward and awesome is back this week. Even though this week wasn't really very awesome or awkward.

  • My mom is coming to visit this weekend.
  • She just called me and told me that she is bringing me a bag of coffee from Caribou. 
  • There are only two weeks of classes and one week of exams left in this semester.
  • The weather is supposed to be in the 70's one day this week. (It's going to be pouring though)
  • Sally Hansen Salon Effects Nail Polish Strips. So easy to use, and they look amazing!
  • The amount of elderly men "running" in the tightest pants ever made I see on my drive to school every day.
  • The looks I got when I stood in the aisle at target staring at the bleach for what seemed like hours trying to find one that was chlorine free. Why couldn't they write "Chlorine Free" in big letters to make it easier?
  • The fact that I have to try and figure out a way to fit all of my clothes in my closet tonight/tomorrow before my mom gets here on Saturday. I need a dresser.
  • Girls that walk around campus in sheer leggings. Do they not check to see if their tush is visible before they leave the house?

Alright, I'm off to clean the house. 
Hope everyone has had a great week so far!

P.S. You will probably never hear me say that I am going to clean ever again.
P.P.S. Any one who knows me probably just had a heart attack when they read that I was going to clean.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cardigan Overdose

Just a little warning: This is quite possibly the worst/most boring outfit I have ever worn. And on top of that, I had to walk around 2 miles in the rain to get to and from class. So, If you want to leave now before you subject yourself to these photos I wouldn't blame you.

Cardigan: Old Navy; Shirt: Wal-mart; Jeans: JC Penney;
 Earrings: Local Fair Trade Shop; Shoes: Nine West

I wore a cardigan again today. I think this winter has put me into a cardigan coma. I need to put all of my cardigans in a box, and have someone hide it from me. Any volunteers? 
It has been raining here all day. My cardigan literally blends in with the sky. Everyone I've encountered today has been in a cranky mood. I still haven't figured out why rain makes people so angry. Yes, It isn't fun to walk around and drive in the rain, but being upset about it isn't going to do anyone any good. Rainy days would be so much less depressing if everyone could just smile and laugh, pull out their brightest rain coat/umbrella and pretend that it is sunny outside.

So, I promise that I'll be back tomorrow, hopefully with an outfit that doesn't involve a cardigan.

Hope everyone is having a good week, even though it is raining and grey pretty much everywhere right now.

P.S. I don't think I used the word "cardigan" nearly enough in this post.

Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm back!

Cardigan: Target; Tank: J Crew; Jeans: JC Penney; Scarf: Forever 21;
Belt: Forever 21; Shoes: Cato; Earrings: Local Gift Shop

Like the toilet paper in the bottom of some of those pictures? Awkward. I just got back from the grocery store (which was also awkward), and I set it down there so that I would remember to put it away, but then I forgot and didn't notice it until after I uploaded these pictures to my computer. I swear, grocery shopping gets worse every time I go. The guy working the register kept telling me I was beautiful. It was weird, nice, but weird. I'll probably be shopping somewhere else now.

Sorry I've been MIA for almost a week now. I was sick, and school was taking over my life. Three projects and five hours of accounting work is a little overwhelming sometimes. As soon as I was feeling a little better on Wednesday, I was all "I'm going to blog today after class". But, then I burnt my lip (and it looked ridiculous) and my printer broke. And of course, I needed a printer to finish a project due at 9:00 the next morning, which meant I had to run to target really quickly to grab a printer and somehow manage to avoid the clothing , jewelry and shoe sections (easier said than done). So, once again, no blogging. But I'm back, and I'll probably recreate some of my outfits from this week over the weekend so that I can get pictures. 

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I'm off to watch baseball (go marlins!) and paint my nails.


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