Monday, February 20, 2012

 Jacket: Old Navy; Cardigan: Target; Shirt: Old Navy;
Jeans: Kohl's; Shoes: Target; Scarf: Target;
Earrings: The Mustard Seed; Bracelet: Max & Chloe (Gift)

Hey lovelies!

I hope you've all had a great month of so since we last talked! Life has been pretty hectic around here, so I decided that I had to cut blogging out for a little while. I've been spending my time trying to make some big decisions (which we all know I'm awful at), handling what my best friend has officially decided is her quarter-life crisis, and trying to stay on top of a crazy schedule this semester. But, neglecting this little blog of mine was really bothering me. So, I'm back, and working on scheduling every second of my time so that I can make sure I have time to blog on a regular basis again.

What have you all been up to lately?


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist - ON

I'm starting something new here on the blog. It's part of my new years resolutions to blog more, and to have more structure and cohesion from week to week. On Wednesdays I'm going to list some of the things I'm obsessing over that week. Otherwise, the tabs stay open on my laptop until I have the extra cash to buy them. Which usually ends up not happening and then I am left with 60+ tabs open and a really slow computer. Plus, I love seeing what clothes/makeup/jewelry/shoes/etc. people are wishing would show up in their closets. I'll try to focus on one store or one style each week. 

This week: Old Navy. I went on their website to send a friend the link to a sweater I just bought, and somehow got roped in to looking at all the new arrivals. My wallet still hasn't forgiven me for how much I spent at two different Old Navy's Christmas week, so this probably isn't helping anything. But, I do have a $20 off coupon that I need to use soon.

  1. Charmeuse Tab-Sleeve Dress
  2. Printed Blanket Wrap Cardigan - Obsessed with this. It might be coming to live with me next week.
  3. Pleated Ruffle Tank
  4. Multi-Stripe Long Sleeve Tee - How cute are the multi-colored stripes? I love the contrast between the navy and the brown.
  5. Printed Wrap Dress
  6. Striped Dolman Sleeve Tee
  7. Striped Intarsia Sweater
  8. Faux Fur Shoulder Bag - I have no idea what it is about this bag, but I'm kind of dying over it right now.
  9. Striped French Terry Shift Dress
  10. Faux Snakeskin Flats
  11. Character Lounge Pants - I love batman. And even though I hate pajama pants 99% of the time, I think I need these.
  12. Color Blocked Tote
Let me know in a comment or e-mail if you like the idea for Wednesday Wishlist, and maybe I'll start a link-up for future Wednesdays.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

EBEW: Black and White

 Jacket: Steve and Barry; Sweater: Gift; 
Pants: H&M; Shoes: Corso Como

I'm so tired that I can barely form complete sentences right now, let alone properly dress myself. But, I wanted to participate in EBEW, since I hadn't in the past few months. This months challenge was to come up with a black and white outfit. I feel like I probably should have skipped this month. I'm not crazy about this outfit at all. I don't feel like myself without color on. And, I can't stand when I'm wearing all black, but the blacks don't match. I wanted to wear a black blazer, but I couldn't find either of mine. So I settled, and I think it shows. But, I've been up since 4:00 AM, and I'm running on two and a half hours of sleep, so I'm just happy with the fact that I remembered to put on pants.


Black + White | Everybody, Everywear

Friday, January 6, 2012

Black Cat

 Jacket: Target; Plaid: Old Navy; Chambray: Target, 
Jeans: JC Penney; Shoes: Corso Como; Bracelet: Gift/Max & Chloe
Earrings: The Mustard Seed; Necklace: Grandma's

(Please note that while all my snow has melted, the people that live behind 
me still have a yard full of snow and ice. I feel bad for them.)

Happy Friday, Chickadees!

Hope you're all getting a fun start on your weekends right now! 
I'm apparently being stalked by a black cat. It showed up while I was taking pictures today, and stayed in the yard for hours. I tried to convince it to be friends with me, but it wanted no part of that idea. Now, I'm not usually superstitious at all. When I see a black cat running through the yard, I pretty much just want to give it food and convince it to be my outdoors cat. But, I'm pretty sure when a cat angrystares in your window for hours on end, but runs when you try to get near it, that it is a bad sign. 


Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Jacket: Target; Sweater: Old Navy; Jeans: Levi's (DIY skinnied);
Boots: Big Buddha (Gift); Scarf: No brand/Random shop in IL;
Earrings: The Mustard Seed; Ring: H&M

I hope you're all having a great week and an even better start to 2012! Here in MI, we started 2012 with a few inches of snow. The snow finally started to melt last night, so I decided it was probably time to go outside and take some pictures today. I like to avoid snow and icy roads at all costs, so I've basically been hibernating for the past few days. But not the fun kind of hibernating where you eat a ton of carbs and then sleep for days at a time. Not that I wouldn't really enjoy all that that entails, but sleeping is #1 on the list entitled "Things I'm Awful At", which is going to make those 8:00 AM classes that start on Tuesday a real big bundle of warmth and happiness. 



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