Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Present pt. 2

Bracelet #1: Mom's
Monogrammed Bracelet: Max & Chloe, gift from Pops

I'm in love with my new monogrammed bracelet! It was part 2 of my birthday present from my pops. It arrived bright and early Tuesday morning. And I really wish there was a video of me trying to get this bracelet on yesterday, because it was kind of ridiculous. You have to squeeze the bracelet and then kind of pop the monogrammed plate into place. And it's really hard to do by yourself. Or maybe I'm just not capable of putting jewelry on by myself that early in the morning. Thank goodness it was easier to do today; I think I'm getting the hang of it. 

Hope you're all having a good week!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

Weekly Recap

Happy Fall everyone! 
I know yesterday was technically the first day, but I forgot (because my brain is currently being taken over by entrepreneurship and visual merchandising nonsense). Fall hasn't really hit MI yet. Some days it seems like Fall is almost here, then the next morning it is 75 and humid. But that's pretty typical around here. 

Anyway, here's a round up of what I've been up to in the past week (In case you were wondering where I've been):


1. I've been drinking way too much coffee again, and enjoying every minute of it.
2. I got to spend last weekend with this cutie, and his brother (who doesn't stop moving long enough to get a picture).
3. My birthday was last week, and I was in love with these bags. The gold polka dots were shimmery! They reminded me of this.
4. Carvel football cake. Because I don't like birthday cake, but I do like ice cream cake and football.
5. The greatest, ridiculously unhealthy sandwich ever. There was probably 10 pounds of cheese and mushrooms on this thing. But it was delicious.
6. How fun is this bathrobe/towel thing (obv. intended for children)?! I kind of wanted to buy it for any child I might have many years from now. In case any of you want little shark (or pirate or monster) towel clad children running around, the towels are at World Market and under $20!
7. I've been making way too much of this "ice cream" lately. It's basically just dark cocoa powder, chocolate protein powder, a little bit of chocolate almond milk, and whatever frozen fruit you want (this one was raspberry). So good!
8. See that white pontiac on the top right side? It was taking up three spaces! The girl got out of her car, looked at it, shrugged and then walked away. Seriously?!
9. My mom ran in her first official 5k last weekend! I was so proud of her! She finished in the time she wanted to and ran the whole way. And she might kill me for posting this. Love you mom!
10. This pizza. Oh my goodness. It is so good. It is covered in fresh herbs, and kind of healthy. And super delicious. 
11. As soon as it drops below 75 degrees Tigger doesn't leave my side. She is such a little snuggler.
12. I've been buying this bulgur and cranberry salad constantly. I kept the lid this time so that I can get the ingredients and make it myself from now on. I'll let you know how it turns out!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Rainy Days & Broken Phones

Two posts in one week! I know, I can hardly believe it either, it hasn't happened in a while. It's been a long, stressful week and I couldn't be happier that it is almost over. I decided to actually put on something other than a v-neck tee and skinny jeans for the first time in what feels like forever and it ended up raining all day. So by the time I got around to taking pictures, it was dark and gloomy outside and I was a wrinkled mess. 

Cardigan: Gift; Top: Nordstrom Rack; Jeans: Tommy Hilfiger;
Shoes: Target; Earrings: The Mustard Seed; Ring: H&M

This is how I started my week:
I was literally five feet away from my car when the bottom of one of my bags decided to rip open. Luckily, I was able to grab it before my laptop fell out, but my poor phone wasn't so lucky. This was the first phone I had really liked and hadn't had any problems with in a long time, so I was pretty torn up about it. I had planned on getting the same one, but apparently the new version isn't so fantastic, and two people came in wanting to get theirs replaced within the first five minutes I was at Verizon.

So, I got an iphone instead, and I'm hoping I don't regret it.

How fun is this case?! I've had my eye on another case for a while, but since I wasn't planning on having to buy a new phone right now I didn't want to pay an additional $40+ for a case. And since I had a modcloth giftcard, I ended paying under $10 for this one.

Okay, so I realize this post was insanely long. Sorry! If you got through it all(or just skipped to the end) and you have an iphone, what apps should I download?

Happy Friday!


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni for Target

I feel like a horrible blogger for posting hardly anything in the past few weeks. The first week of classes always screws with my schedule, and I really only wore one outfit this week that I would have considered taking pictures of. I didn't though, my camera was dead, and  apparently it would have taken way too much effort for me to charge the battery. But, now that I kind of have my new schedule figured out and a million new due dates added to my calendar, I feel like getting back into a steady posting schedule should be fairly easy. I hope so anyways. So while I don't have any outfits to show you tonight, I thought I'd share what I picked up at Target a few hours ago...

Aren't they fantastic? I'm probably going to wear them way too often over the next two months, or until it starts snowing, whichever comes first.

Were any of you able to snag anything from the Missoni for Target collection today? 



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