Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Festivities

Sweater: Target; Cami: Old Navy; Skirt: Ross;
Earrings: Forever21; Shoes: Ross

I hope everyone had a great mother's day yesterday! My Mom and I spent the morning gardening and enjoying the sunshine. We planted some new flowers in the back garden and about a million different types of herbs. Once we were finished with that we headed out to an amazing lunch and then came home and watched The King's Speech (which was amazing by the way) and ate some fro-yo. Overall, I'd say it was a pretty good day.

On another note, I'm sorry that I have only posted once in the past two weeks. I wish I could say that I've been busy or use some other excuse for my absence. But, that's not the case here, sorry. Most days I was doing work around the house and didn't feel like getting dressed, so I spent my days in yoga pants or running shorts. And, I'm pretty sure that you didn't want me to waste your time with that, right? Yea, I didn't think so. But, I'm back now, and I'm planning on getting dressed 99% of the time for at least the next month. So, I shouldn't be taking any more two-week breaks any time soon.

Mother's Day Activities:
Watching the dogs run and play in the sunshine; Some of the new herbs we planted

Gorgeous tulip; Mother's Day flowers

 Hope everyone had a good time while I was away, and that you all had a marvelous weekend!

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