Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tights on Thanksgiving

Coat: Fog by London Fog, Dress: Ross,
Tights: Target, Shoes: Missoni for Target,
Bracelet: Max & Chloe, Bag: NY & Co.

This was my Thanksgiving outfit. Word to the wise: don't wear tights on Thanksgiving. They are constricting and don't allow for the all you can eat marathon that is Thanksgiving. But, if you're on a diet or don't want to eat more than you would at a normal meal, then by all means, wear the most constricting tights you own. I would give anything to have this weather back. It may have been freezing that day and too sunny to take decent pictures, but at least it wasn't icy and snowing.

 The past 24 hours here have been a little hectic. If you follow me on twitter, you may have seen where I mentioned that I had a crazy, super dangerous drive home from campus last night, then my power went out as soon as I got home. Well, the power finally came back on at about 3:00 this afternoon.  But, before that, the alarm system here apparently had a low battery and started screeching bright and early this morning. And, I couldn't get it to stop. There was lots of confusion and a bit of anger involved. And I might have been thisclose to smashing it with a rubber mallet. But, after about an hour, the house was finally silent again. Or maybe I just went deaf from the ear piercing noise. Either way, the snow and ice are melting, the power is back on, and the alarm is in pieces on my counter. All in all, I'd say it's been a pretty eventful day.

Hope you're day was a little calmer and a lot warmer than mine was!


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  1. this dress is sooo pretty, love those tights and shoes too!



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