Thursday, August 4, 2011


Shirt: Old Navy; Shorts: Target;
Shoes: Target

So, to start with, these shorts used to be a romper. But then I realized how ridiculous I looked in it (before I had worn it in public, luckily), so I ripped it up and now I have shorts and a skirt. And these shorts are really stinkin' comfortable, so I'm glad I did it.

In other news, I almost had a mini heart attack last night. I heard something banging on the house right by my bedroom. At first I figured it was one of my neighbors friends who had probably had a little too much to drink because they were partying it up over there. Yea, on a Wednesday. They have a lot of parties (like the almost every night kind of a lot). After a few minutes of it I started to freak out a little bit. So, I finally got the lady balls to go look out the window and when I lifted up the shade there was a giant freakin deer standing there staring at me. I was totally prepared to see a creepy middle aged man standing there trying to break in, but a deer?! Right up at the window?! I was in no way prepared for that. I think it was more freaked out than I was since I had pretty much just blinded the poor thing with my flash light. There was also a baby bunny in my yard last night and all day today. So together they might be remaking Bambi, I don't really know. But I would prefer they do it at some other time of the day, and not so close to my window.

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