Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What's a Girl to do...

When she doesn't have an outfit post ready? Well, I'm just going to hope you'll forgive me and keep reading. My outfit was barely worthy of being photographed when I put it on this morning, but after sitting in class for six hours, grocery shopping and walking through the rain there was no way I was going to take pictures of it.

So instead of posting my outfit, I created an extra one for day two of the Spring is in the air challenge with Meghan and Amber. Today's question:

2. What's your favorite spring outfit {or two}?

During the winter, I dread having to wait until springtime to wear my obnoxiously bright cardigans. So once the first somewhat warm day of spring rolls around, I throw on one of 
those cardigans, with a super-soft t-shirt or floral blouse, dark jeans, ballet flats, and a belt.

But sometimes, spring time in Michigan just isn't sunny or warm enough for bright cardigans and flats. When those days come around I throw on a black jacket or blazer, a bright top, black shorts, tights, and some black wedges (because by the time spring rolls around I have no interest in putting boots back on before November).


  1. I'm doing the spring challenge too so i found your blog! i love the outfit combinations you put together, especially the first one.

    BUT- get this. I'm from Kalamazoo, but currently living in Lansing. Um, we live CLOSE to one another. :) Glad I ran across your blog- its beautiful!

  2. I love both of these outfits and totally see myself in the first one. I love obnoxiously bright cardigans as you put it, and I love that they become more in style in the spring. Thanks for playing along!



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