Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bright & Sunny

I didn't take any outfit pictures today. I was on campus a lot longer than I usually am on Tuesdays, so instead, I thought I would share the things that made up this past Sunday, which happened to be the warmest/sunniest day so far this year.

Sunny Day Essentials: Magazines and a towel to lay on

Some bright flowers to bring the sunshine indoors

Playing with the cutest dogs in the Midwest 
(Only because my pups back home in SC are the cutest ever)

Spencer trying to avoid the camera

The perfect shoes for lounging in the backyard

Enjoying the sunshine.
(These pictures refused to upload correctly unless I combined them into one photo. Weird, I know)

My mom left mid-day on Sunday, so after she left I immediately headed out to the backyard for 45 minutes of sunshiny greatness before I had to lock myself inside to do some serious studying. 

It dropped back down to the 50's on Monday, and it looks like it is going to stay there for a little while. But it is still bright and sunny outside. And I'll take sunny and slightly chilly over warm and rainy any day.

Hope your week has been as bright and sunny as mine!

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