Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Top: J Crew; Jeans: JC Penney; Shoes: Target;
Purse & Scarf: Vintage (SG's)

Dress (as top): Target; Skirt: NY & Company;
Shoes: Target; Belt: NY & Company; Ring: H&M;
Earrings: Local Fair Trade Shop

Dress (as top): F21; Skirt: NY & Company;
Shoes: Target; Bracelets: Gift; Belt: Gift from Sister
Earrings: Local Fair Trade Shop

I know, I know, I've been MIA for a few days again. I'm Sorry. I've got some eye issues going on, and even as an "emergency patient" I can't get into the opthamologist until the second week of August. But, at least I've had this issue before, so I know what it is. It isn't a huge deal, except that it makes everything super blurry (which makes taking picture kind of a pain) out of one eye and wearing my contacts make me dizzy and gives me a headache. So, you may be seeing my glasses occasionally. I'll try not to complain about it too much and keep posting regularly, but if some pictures are more blurry than usual every once in a while, I apologize ahead of time. It isn't laziness for once.


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