Saturday, July 30, 2011

The End

Outfit 28:
Shirt: Target; Skirt: NY & Company;
Belt: Dad's; Shoes: Target
Outfit 29:
Shirt: Target; T-Shirt: Hanes; Shorts: Nine West Denim;
Shoes: Target; Necklace: Grandma's
Outfit 30:
Blazer: NY & Company; T-Shirt: Old Navy;
Shorts: Nine West Denim; Shoes: Target; Necklace: Gift

I'm finally finished with the 30 for 30 and I couldn't be happier about it! I'll try and get around to doing a summary post about it tomorrow. Monday at the latest. 

A little back story about the necklace in outfit 29: I found it when my cousins and I were going through my Grandma's (my dad's Mom) jewelry late last year. My Aunt laughed when I picked it out and said that she thought they had given her it to her a joke when they were little. My family thought I was insane, but I was crazy about it. I'll try and get around to posting a close-up of it sometime so I can get your opinions on it.

I'll be back later to fill you all in on all the stuff I picked up at Ikea today. I'm super excited about redoing my room when I get back!

Hope you're all having a great weekend so far!


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