Monday, July 11, 2011

Power Outages

Top: Target; T-Shirt: Hanes; Dress(as skirt): Forever 21;
Shoes: Target; Belt: Dad's; Bag: Vintage

Every time I started to type up this post today the power went out. And, since I was using my old laptop (Why? I have no idea) that won't hold a charge no matter how many times I buy a new battery for it, my laptop shut down as soon as the power went out each time. So, there may have been some really interesting, witty stuff written in this post the first three times I wrote it (probably not), but I'm too irritated with the weather and the power outages to type anything even remotely interesting or witty now.So here's what you should know about this post:

  • These pictures were taken at a park right down the road from my mom's house. It is a gorgeous park that no one ever goes to, and it's about to be completely redone, and I'm really hoping that they don't destroy all it's gorgeousness.
  • I got this dress with the gift card that I won from Julie. And it's super comfy, and really cheap.
  • I stole this belt from my dad a few years ago. It is most likely older than I am, and there was no way he was fitting into wearing a belt from 20+ years ago.
  • I'm never taking these shoes off. They are replacing these ones, because the zippers tore up my ankles. For real, I have huge gashes on my legs from them. It's not pretty. I don't know how Kendi wears them, she is clearly superwoman. 

And that's it. Hopefully I'll have something more exciting to talk about tomorrow.


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